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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand there are many questions you would like to ask prior to working with us. Here are the most common questions we get asked.

How do I get started?2018-06-29T08:38:22+00:00

We have an on-boarding process which is simple and effective for all our clients.

I’m self-employed and just starting my new business, can you help? I can’t afford to take anyone on.2018-06-29T08:35:16+00:00

For small business owners, employing part-time or full-time staff can be a commitment too far away and hiring a temp is too costly.  A virtual PA is less commitment, requires no recruitment and knows exactly what is needed to help businesses, irrelevant of size, work more effectively.

Do you offer on-site support?2018-06-29T08:35:19+00:00

Yes – cover on site when you need it. This may be for your own personal assistant when he/she is on annual leave or even cover for maternity. You might just need a pair of extra hands to help out during chaotic times!

How much does it cost to hire a VA?2018-06-29T08:35:22+00:00

We operate a pay as you go service on an hourly/daily or individual task/project basis. Our rates are very competitive.

What does “going that extra mile” mean to you?2018-06-29T08:36:24+00:00

Our promise it to deliver an exceptional service to all our clients. Being able to spot opportunities to be able to go “above and beyond” is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

What are your methods of communication?2018-06-29T08:36:07+00:00

Every client has their own preferred method of communication and we will always adapt to what best works for you.

What are your core hours?2018-06-29T08:35:47+00:00

We work 9-5 weekdays, however we understand that there maybe last minute requests which cannot be met during normal office hours. We can work evenings and weekends, however there will be an extra charge incurred.

What can I expect from a VA? What are the benefits?2018-06-29T08:38:08+00:00

No lock in contract, no overhead commitment, just the bonus of extra resources, letting you concentrate on working on your business not in it. Sometimes, during your busy periods, you may just need that extra hand, taking the pressure off your own staff. Building up a solid trusting relationship with your VA ensures that you are getting exactly what you want. They will gain knowledge of your management style and how you like things to be done.